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The big wooly is from sladust and as we know the company has been there for 105 years and is considered worlds finest wool dry mop. The mops are handmade and assembled in Woodstock.

It's long-lasting and eco-friendly. The head is Multi-colored and very soft and fluffy. The natural lanolin attracts dust rather than spreading it.

Get the feel of traditional moping ergo going to hands and knees. Effective yet no extra worries you go through when buying the modern mops.

Features of Wool Dry Mop 


The wooly is sturdy and strong

  • The wood handle is  48" and easily removable.
  • the naturally lacquered wood handle gives you a firm grip
  • 12"metal frame
  • The dusting area is 11" x 18" with durable Velcro backing that allows for quick & easy removal of the mop. So that you can easily hand wash it
  • The connector is made of high impact plastic with a rubber component -the same material that is used on chisel handles
Wool Dry Mop

100% Wool :

The dust mop is made from genuine wool. It’s a "gangbusters" for your floors. The wool does an exceedingly good job of picking up the dust bunnies. it doesn’t move the dirt around it cleans effectively.

Dust Attractor: 

The lanolin acts as a magnet. The mop pics up animal hair like no other.

The wool holds the dust in.


Assembling is no chore its super easy. Just attaché the mop head with the handle.

The Swivel head provides maneuverability for easy cleaning. You will get the hang of moping quite easily.






48x 4 x 4 inches 






SlackMop Company 



Itemmodel number


Which floors to apply on:

The mop is very easy on floors it does not harm any types of flooring. All natural and you need not any chemicals.

So use it on any type of flooring without tension.


  • Its an all natural product that does NOT require any chemical treatment
  • Easily washable with removable pads that are not expensive. 
  • Over the time it might get even better because the wool gets puffier and even larger after long time use
  • The narrow shape of the mop allows you to slide it into tight places like between banister supports
  • The thick mop head enables you to pick up dirt and cobwebs from the underside ofthe furniture
  • The mops fiber is better than nylon or polyester mops


  • The loop at the bottom is very small, for that it gets quite hard to hang the mop
  • The has 12" frame it isn’t 18 inches. When you place the mop head on the floor and push it forward, the fringes spread out and this creates the dusting area of  11" x 18"
  • Solution: You can knot a thread through it to hang the mop. The length isn’t small. Though its perfect to get to the dirty nukes and crannies. But if you prefer a bigger one you can choose the 24 inch.

Last words

The wooly is perfect for you if you are looking for a traditional but effective mop. You can not only dust your floors but also dust your baseboards, trim, even clean ceiling fans. For regular dusting, you certainly go for it. And if you have a grandma to impress, gift her this she will certainly love it.

Extra information you might need :

Question: Is it soft enough to be safe on laminate floors?

Answer: Yes it's soft and safe for your laminate floors.


Question: Can you remove head easily?

Answer:  it's easily removable, you just have to screw the head off. 


Question: How to clean it?

Answer:  You can easily clean it by putting it in the washer for laundry. Do not put in the dryer, it is better to air dry.


Question: Does the mop handle have a hole or loop so you can hang it when not in use?

Answer: It has a tiny nail hole, you can find a strip of leather to thread thrugh the little hole for hanging purposes.


Question: How to dust the mop?

AnswerYou can shake the dust off out sideor vacuum it.


Question: Does it pick up pet hair?

Answer: Yes, it works quite decently for picking up pet hair.

Question: Are there any plastic parts in/onthis mop?

Answer:  The connector for the mop and handle is plastic. And the handle is all wood.


Question: Can you wash it with chemicals?

Answer: You should not wash it with chemicals . The natural lanolin in the mop will be ruined.

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