Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Spray Mop

Quick and easy floor cleaning! Just spray, wipe and go. With Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Spray Mop make your floors as good as new. Give your back a little rest with this mop, you don’t have to carry water around have no tension of wringing.

Features of Bona Spray Mop

Spray Mop:

One of the revered aspects of this moping system is the spraying feature. Super easy, quick and effective.

No need to carry a bucket around just squeeze the trigger and a fine mist will come out. You can easily control the dampness as per your wish.

Microfiber Pad:

We know that microfiber is tremendously effective for cleaning the floors.

This pad is easily machine washable, and it claims to be washable up to 300 times.

Bona Floor Cleaner:

The mop has a convenient cartridge consisting Bona stone, tile & laminate floor cleaner.

Bona has always had exceptional floor cleaners. The solution is ph neutral thus no harm will come to you, your family and certainly not your floors.

Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Spray Mop

Damage Protection:

This bona mop has Larger, more effective base plate with flexible corners to prevent damage to baseboards and furniture . After cleaning doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

The spray control enables you to control the dampness so your hardwood doesn’t get damaged. It's absolutely user-friendly.



How to clean your floors:

  • Vacuum, sweep or dust mop the floor to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Grab your Bona Cleaner, mop, and blue Microfiber Cleaning Pad.
  • Start with the Microfiber Cleaning Pad slightly damp.
  • Turn the spray nozzle to mist or stream setting and spray cleaner directly on the floor.
  • Wipe up the cleaner with the mop and Microfiber Cleaning Pad.
  • If you are cleaning a larger area or several small rooms, you will want to take the cleaning pad off of the mop and rinse it out in your sink with warm water to release the captured dirt. Wring it out so it is only slightly damp and attach it back on the mop and continue mopping.
  • If unfamiliar with cleaning products previously used on the floor, Bona recommends using Bona PowerPlus Deep Clean and Bona PowerPlus Microfiber Deep Clean Pad to remove any cleaner residue.






4.4x 5.9 x 28.4 inches 









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Which floors to apply on:

The mop is specially formulated for linoleum, stone, Terrazzo, vinyl, sealed porous marble, laminate, LVT, and no-wax sealed tile (ceramic, Mexican Saltillo, Quarry).

But as long as your floor and grout are sealed or finished, and unwaxed or unoiled it can be used on any type of floors.

Points in favor :

  • No water spill or slippery floors
  • Dries very quickly
  • Flexible corners
  • Ergonomic and exceedingly simple
  • thumbs-up
    Eco-friendly and economical

Points against : 

  •  It is not recommended using Bona Stone, Tileand Laminate cleaner on a waxed floor
  • Have to be careful around The spray system, look inside the cartridge and remove the foam

What to do for healthy floors:

  • Don't let sand dust or dirt build up on your floor
  • Vacuum, dust, sweep your floors regularly
  • Trime your pets claws to protect the hardwood floors
  • Avoid walking on high heels directly on the floors
  • Don't regressively use soap, wax, oil, or cleaning chemicals on your floors. They destroy the natural elements of the floor
  • Know your floor type and what things you can or can't use

Wrap up

For no-fuss cleaning go for this mop. With admirable features you don’t have to go through hectic cleaning for regular use. Easily stored and cleaned.

Extra information you might need :

Question: Is the cleaning solution ph neutral?

Answer: Yes it is and the solution is GREENGUARD GOLD Certified so its safe for using inside your home and around your family.


Question: Can it be used on unsealed floors?

AnswerUsing it on unsealed stone or grout can cause staining.


Question: How much floor space can the tank cover?

Answer:  The Bona Cleaner Cartridge can cover approximately 2000 sq ft.


Question: Is the cartridge refillable?

Answer: Yes. First  press the grey cartridge eject button and then lift the cartridge straight up. 2nd unscrew the white cap, pour the cleaner in the cartridge bottle, screw the cap back on and put it back into your mop.


Question: Can you hang it?

Answer:  Yes the mop has a retractable hanging hoop.

VIDEO OF Bona Spray Mop

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